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Denis D Corin

CEO and Chairman

Mr. Denis D. Corin is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Corin is an experienced public company executive and management consultant. He has worked almost exclusively in the biomedical field for over 13 years from large pharma and diagnostic companies to small innovative biotech. He has served in various senior executive roles and has been instrumental in building and restructuring businesses. Mr. Corin has raised millions of dollars in development capital to advance businesses. Mr. Corin also served as a Management Consultant to the executives and board of TapImmune Inc. (NASD:TPIV), a clinical stage immune-oncology company through 2014, He holds a Bachelors Degree majoring in both Economics and Marketing & Advertising Management from the University of Natal, South Africa.

William Rosenstadt

General Counsel and Director

Mr. William Rosenstadt is a partner and a co-founder of Ortoli Rosenstadt LLP and head of the firm’s capital markets and securities practice and co-chair of the firm’s Asian practice. He has been practicing corporate and securities law since 1995. He represents entrepreneurs, public companies, hedge funds, private equity funds and other corporate entities on complex international and corporate transactions. He has represented public companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia. William is proud to be given the opportunity to help Q BioMed create value for its shareholders and bring life changing solutions to as many patients as possible.

David Laskow-Pooley

VP Product Development

Mr. Laskow-Pooley has 30 years of experience in all aspects of the discovery, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, diagnostics and devices. He is an industry veteran and has a distinguished career working for numerous pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. He has held director, executive officer and general management posts in both small and major multinational companies including GSK, Abbott, Amersham plc, Life technologies, OSI, Bilcare and Surface Therapeutics.

Ari Jatwes

Business Development  Analyst

Mr. Ari Jatwes is an analyst and a banker, with over twenty years of experience. He began his career in a large accounting firm, progressing to a reputable investment bank, where he gained his experience in mergers and acquisitions. Over the last decade Mr. Jatwes interest and focus has been in the biotech and pharma sector, which included trading biotech stocks from start up to late stage biotech companies, advising management and raising capital for their needs. He has played a role in several successful contracts and transactions in the healthcare space – with emphasis on the life sciences and immunotherapy. Mr. Jatwes holds two Master degrees and a Bachelor Degree from the University of South Africa and the University of Natal.

Robert Derham

VP Orphan Products

Robert Derham has focused the majority of his career working with rare diseases and orphan products. For the past seven years he has focused on driving corporate change within medium and large pharmaceutical companies to transition their corporate strategy to an orphan drug development approach. In addition to driving corporate change, he conducted business development for companies looking for partnering, licensing or acquisition opportunities in the orphan drug space. Prior to that, he worked for Mondobiotech, Novartis, Syngenta Biopharma and Alexis Biopharma, always focused on orphan indications and corporate development. Robert is also the founder of CheckOrphan, a comprehensive media and information source for all news, videos, clinical trials, research, treatments and more about rare diseases and orphan products. He also has degrees in medical immunology and biochemistry and thoroughly enjoys diving into the science and research of the rare diseases, with which he is working.


Dr. Rick Paniccucci

Director and Advisor Pharmaceutical Development

Dr. Rick Panicucci is the Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at WuXi AppTec. He is responsible for providing scientific leadership in the areas of Developability, Formulation Development and GMP Manufacturing.Dr. Panicucci plays an important role in the early stages of drug discovery for various companies. His responsibilities include solid state chemistry and formulation development of all small molecule therapeutics in early development, and developing novel drug delivery technologies for small molecules and large molecules including siRNA.Prior to WuXi he held the position of Global Head of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Profiling (CPP) at Novartis from 2004 to 2015, where he led the development and implementation of innovative dosage form designs and continuous manufacturing paradigms. He has also held positions as the Director of Formulation Development at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Senior Scientist at Biogen.Dr. Panicucci received his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry at the University of Toronto, and has two post doctoral fellowships at University of California at Santa Barbara and the Ontario Cancer Institute. Dr. Panicucci will advise our technology partner, Mannin Research Inc.’s development both scientifically and commercially.


Amy Ripka

Advisor Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Amy Ripka is Executive Director of Medicinal Chemistry at WuXi AppTec. She started her career at Bristol Myers Squibb and over 17 years has worked in various capacities in medicinal chemistry with many small companies, including EnVivo (FORUM) Pharmaceuticals as Head of Chemistry, Infinity, Daiamed, HydraBiosciences and FoldRx. Her current responsibilities include strategic planning in medicinal chemistry, early library drug design utilizing multiple in silico methods, hit optimization and overall screening architectures to advance early stage compounds through Phase I-II clinical development. Dr. Ripka’s therapeutic specialties include Neuroscience, Oncology, Thrombosis and Anti-Infective Disease areas. She has led multiple early stage programs resulting in four clinical candidates, two of which are marketed drugs. Her career has spanned big pharma, biotech and CROs where she has made significant contributions to each of these.Dr. Ripka, was elected by her peers to Chair the prestigious Medicinal Chemistry Gordon Research Conference and is currently serving a second elected term as the Industrial Councilor for the MEDI Division of the American Chemical Society.Dr. Ripka, received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double concentration in organic and medicinal chemistry, and did her post-doctoral studies with Nobel Laureate K. Barry Sharpless from The Scripps Research Institute. Dr. Ripka will advise Mannin’s scientific development and growth.

Dr. Scott Brunder

Wombat Capital Advisors

Medical Devices 

Mary Jan Rafii

Wombat Capital Advisors


Dr. Helga Grupe

Wombat Capital Advisors


Dr. Jose de Chastonay

Wombat Capital Advisors

Contract Services

Dr. Susan Quaggin

CSO, Mannin Research


George Nikopoulos

CEO, Mannin Research


Rosanne Satz

CEO, Bionucleonics


Dr. Stanley Satz

Chairman, Bionucleonics



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