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  • Enabling technology to more effectively manage glaucoma progression and patient treatment
  • Serves unmet need - Currently no single examination or diagnostic test is able to accurately predict disease progression
  • Simple diagnostic test that can be performed at a physician's office with no external expensive equipment

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - March 19, 2019) - Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO), a commercial stage biotechnology acceleration development company, announced today that its technology partner Mannin Research Inc. has entered into a research collaboration with the Biointerfaces Institute at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada to develop a GDF15 biomarker diagnostic kit for monitoring glaucoma severity and progression. This enabling technology will act as a companion diagnostic to the MAN-01 small molecule therapeutic with a novel mechanism of action for the treatment of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma. The aim is to develop a simple integrated diagnostic test that can be performed at a physician's office with no external, expensive equipment.

Q BioMed recently announced it has exclusively licensed GDF15, a diagnostic biomarker for determining the severity of glaucoma using the expression levels of Growth Differentiation Factor 15 (GDF15) from Washington University in St. Louis. Determining the severity of glaucoma using this biomarker will aid in treatment decisions for patients diagnosed with, and being treated for, glaucoma.

Denis Corin, Q BioMed CEO, stated, "This diagnostic kit can be used both as a stand-alone in any ophthalmologist's office as well as being used as a companion diagnostic with our promising MAN-01 glaucoma therapeutic candidate. Currently, no single examination or diagnostic test is able to accurately predict disease progression and we believe GDF15 can help preserve visual function in glaucoma patients through accurate monitoring of disease progression. We are very pleased to team up with Mannin Research and McMaster University to advance this technology."

Mannin Research is working with Dr. John D. Brennan, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Point-of-Care Diagnostics, and Director of the Biointerfaces Institute at McMaster University, to develop the GDF15 diagnostic kit. The Biointerfaces Institute will work with Mannin Research to create, assess, and apply DNA aptamers for detecting GDF15 in aqueous humor of patients with different severities of glaucoma. The intent is to create prototype assays for the detection of GDF15 which will be suitable for point-of-care testing. The prototype kits are to be validated in a clinical setting.

Mannin Research CEO, Dr. George Nikopoulos commented, "Dr. Brennan and his team at the Biointerfaces Institute are revolutionizing the development of next-generation point-of-care diagnostic tests by integrating the most advanced analytical chemistry, materials science, and biochemistry."

About the Biointerfaces Institute

Research in the Biointerfaces Institute aims to transform our understanding of how synthetic and biological materials interact, with a focus on bioactive surfaces for sensing applications. These biosurface properties are important in materials designed for applications ranging from diagnostic devices for medical and environmental monitoring to implantable ocular and blood-contacting devices. Much of the work in the Biointerfaces Institute focusses on paper-based sensors incorporating functional nucleic acids (DNA aptamers or DNA enzymes) to produce simple diagnostic tests for use in resource limited areas. His work intertwines materials science, biochemistry and analytical chemistry in a unique manner to produce new assays and analytical devices that have the potential to revolutionize the area of biosensing.

About Q BioMed Inc.

Q BioMed aims to accelerate the monetization of biomedical technologies through rapid innovation and collaborative partnerships with industry leading researchers. Q BioMed believes its assets in oncology, vascular disease, and rare orphan diseases address unmet medical needs and large markets. The Company's FDA approved, non-opioid drug Metastron, which relieves cancer bone pain, is expected to begin generating revenues in 2019. Metastron is also approved for sale in 21 other countries. In addition to treating pain, Metastron has shown evidence of treating the cancer itself and extending survival. Q BioMed plans to conduct Phase IV trials to support label extension and cancer survival benefit using Metastron.

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