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Hi Q BioMed Friends! We need your help!

I am sure like all of us here at Q BioMed, you have been touched by Autism in some way, directly or through friends and family.

We are teaming up to support Autism Speaks and the National Autism Speaks Walk this year.

Please support us in this effort to raise funds and awareness!

Of the roughly 60,000 children that are diagnosed as autistic each year, 15,000 of those will never speak or will become very minimally verbal. Their parents will never hear them say their name.

Q BioMed, is focused on developing a medical treatment for this subgroup within the autism spectrum disorder, so they can have a voice of their own. As we take this journey, we are asking you to make a pledge to Q BioMed’s team that is participating in this year’s Autism Walk organized by Autism Speaks, to which 100% of the proceeds will go. Make your pledge before April 14.

With your pledge, Autism Speaks will provide support for those with autism, fund further research to better understand all children with autism so we can provide treatments and educate the world about the growing epidemic of autism that has reached a prevalence of 1 in 68 births. Your pledge ensures these children have a voice and that their needs are met. There is no reason for them to walk alone. Please Join US!

Please join us in supporting those that support this community in so many valuable ways!



Thank you,

Q BioMed Inc.