Why Q BioMed

Through Q BioMed investors have the opportunity to invest in some of the most innovative bio-medical products that they may never have known about.

Technologies are vetted by analysts, industry KOLs and experts.

Your investment is in Q BioMed  – so you have public company liquidity without being tied up in a private company with an unknown exit strategy and uncertain value inflection milestones (FDA etc).

Q BioMed aims to mitigate risk by having multiple relationships and assets across a broad spectrum of healthcare companies and sectors.

Success being shared as multiple assets mature at different times in their development cycle passing on value to the Q BioMed shareholders.

Our Firm

Q BioMed intends to specialize in a broad spectrum of biotech and healthcare related sectors with a priority on business development, incubation, acceleration and expansion resources and capital for phased advancement of products and pipelines exclusively in the biomedical and healthcare sector. Our targets are preferably clinical stage, near value inflection or near revenue companies across the investment lifecycle.

Our Solutions

Our network of advisors and proprietary relationships provide entrepreneurs with access to multiple resources. We support entrepreneurs in every aspect of their business. We build long-term connections with extraordinary management teams.We believe in building market-leading companies through organic growth and planned acquisition. Our team will assist companies utilizing our investment partners and network of experts to provide public market access to private companies, IPO strategy and after-market corporate development. These services underscore our commitment to foster long-term management relationships resulting in market leading products and solutions in the biomedical field.


Q has the ability to fund and/or acquire promising BioMedical assets. We use management’s expertise and network of experts to evaluate undervalued assets and to secure an equity interest in promising technologies and products. We help develop them into high value businesses. Q and its investors will benefit from early positioning in largely illiquid and unknown private assets with multiple potential products and their development cycle and valuation growth as they move forward. By structuring the company to keep overhead to a minimum and costs down there is limited burn and significant upside potential as assets progress through their development cycle.

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