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A wholly owned Q BioMed Inc. Subsidiary

Q BioMed is in the process of setting up its Cayman Islands Subsidiary in the Cayman Science and Technology Park in Caymans’ Special Economic Zone (“SEZ“).

Q BioMed Cayman SECZ will provide professional scientific and technical consulting services and product developmental support to target portfolio companies the biomedical and drug development sector.

Our expertise will include advising on and assisting with global regulatory and intellectual property protection strategies, early-stage feasibility due-diligence, product and clinical design,  design verification (including development of test protocols and testing), process development and validation (including documentation and testing) and commercialization strategies. The Company will also offer advice to its portfolio on the market potential of their respective product(s) and on the technical capability of their respective management and staff, including for the purpose of assisting the client in managing its commercial expectations.

In certain circumstances, the Company will provide expansion capital to its clients to assist them in the further development of their intellectual property and where the Company considers a client’s intellectual property to be sufficiently undervalued, may acquire a stake in that intellectual property and/or the end products. Being located in Cayman we will benefit from strong IP laws and, being offshore our business will be more profitable and competitive in the global arena, get access to cheaper capital and enhance shareholder value.

The Company’s office in Cayman will be operated by its president and managing director, Denis Corin. Mr. Corin is an experienced biotechnology public company executive. He has worked almost exclusively in the biomedical field for over 13 years, with large pharma and diagnostic companies to small innovative biotech. He has served in various senior executive roles and has been instrumental in building and restructuring biotechnology businesses, including TapImmune Inc., a NASDAQ-listed clinical stage immune-oncology company where he served as CEO and President. The Cayman team may grow to include Mr. David Laskow-Pooley, VP Scientific & Product Development. Mr. Laskow-Pooley is an industry veteran with 30 years’ experience in all aspects of the discovery, development and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products, diagnostics and devices, including with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott, Amersham plc, Life Technologies, OSI, Bilcare and Surface Therapeutics.


“The Special Economic Zone within the Cayman Enterprise City is full of promise and creativity for the future, and over 180 companies are enjoying the benefits of doing business offshore from our vibrant ecosystem. We’re working hard to create the ideal tax-free environment, infrastructure and international connections you need to grow your enterprise. And being offshore, your business will be more profitable and competitive in the global arena, get access to cheaper capital and enhance shareholder value.”

“Cayman Science & Technology Park, which is part of the Cayman Enterprise City Special Economic Zone is the ideal hub for companies within the biotech, life sciences and green tech industries, wishing to grow globally. We are pleased to have QBioMed as part of our vibrant biotech zone and look forward to facilitating them in their future growth plans”. Charlie Kirkconnell, CEO of Cayman Enterprise City.

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